Welcome to tau.guide/docs, the unofficial community driven set of resources to help you learn more about Tauchain and Agoras.

Get Started

There are three main ways to get started with Tauchain:

  1. Tutorials: Step-by-step instructions on how to use Tau and start a project.
  2. Quick start: What is Tau? User friendly materials to quickly get you up to speed.
  3. Buy Agoras: Discover the best places to get Agoras.

Go further

  1. Use: Learn about the many use cases and advantages of Tau.
  2. Explore how Tauchain works behind the scenes:

  3. Apps : Check out the growing list of Tauchain applications.

Start contributing

IDNI are hiring : A list of available positions.
Visit the Contributing section to find guides on the Tauchain community, code of conduct, and how to get started contributing to the Tauchain ecosystem.

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